Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I am very tall!

I cooked pasta for dinner. And I ate too much. No big surprise there. I always overeat pasta! It's one of the best foods in the world, right up there burritos.

So afterward, I needed to walk. So I headed off for the beach. I'm at Ocean City in a Washington State Park. I'm a couple of hundred yards from the shore. Signs all around warn of tsunamis. One sign says that if an earthquake should hit close by in the ocean, there might only be a few minutes to evacuate.

So here is how I read that: If an earthquake hits and a tsunami heads this way, "Bye, bye Charlie." Or in my case, "Bye bye Chuck."

I am hopeful that will not happen.

As I was walking to the beach to work off my pasta-bloated stomach, the sun was setting. I looked behind me and saw my shadow. Oh my goodness, all that pasta made me grow very tall!

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Anonymous said...

Good story.
Life is but a journey,that we try
to control until the end!But, is that the end? We start our Spiritual journey to Heaven or?