Sunday, April 25, 2010

A good back scratch is an excellent thing

Do you like your back scratched or rubbed? I know many people who would rather have it scratched. I grew up in a family of back scratchers. To this day, I need my back scratched. It's not that my back actually itches: it's the pleasure of a back scratch. If I close my eyes when getting my back scratched, I can fall into a trance and even hallucinate. Who needs drugs?

A back RUB is nice. I enjoy a back rub. But when given a choice between a back rub and a back scratch, I will take a back scratch every time.

I own a couple of back scratching devices so I can scratch my own back. The best ones are made out of wood. You can buy them for a dollar. They work okay, but offer only modest satisfation. The best people for back scratchers are those with long fingernails. People who bite their nails are almost worthless.

If there were a device available like the one shown on this page, I would buy it.

One very significant reason to have a spouse is to have a live-in back scratcher. People who crave back scratches should avoid marrying someone who is reluctant to scratch. Kids are good, too, but they often don't have much patience, so they are kind of a hit-and-miss thing.

I do not own a dog. But if a dog could be taught to scratch backs, I would definitely get one.

There are many businesses where you can pay for a back rub. But I have never seen one where you can pay for a back scratch. If there were such a business, I would be a good customer.

A TERRIBLE THING TO A PERSON LIKE ME who craves back scratches is to be in the same room as someone who is getting one. It's almost painful to watch, because you start thinking of how good it feels, and then your back really, really starts to itch, and you can hardly stand it.

If I were as rich as Bill Gates, I would hire a full-time back scratcher. I would give the person other chores, too, because you need frequent breaks from back scratches so your mind can have time to crave another one. Part of the pleasure of a good back scratch is the anticipation of getting it. As far as the actual back scratch, the first 90 seconds are by far the best. This is when you get goose bumps. When you no longer get goose bumps, then a back scratch is still good but it's more of a relaxing thing than a stimulator of dopamine, the feel-good drug your body releases during great pleasure.

Now that I have written this, I really need a back scratch. If you like back scratches, then you probably do, too. Sorry about that.

So what do you prefer? A back scratch or a back rub?


Doo Wop Journeyz said...

We have a quandry in our family. My husband, like you, loves to have his back scratched. I think it's a "male" thing. On the other hand, I LOVE to have my back massaged. I willingly scratch his back as long as he wants. However, he can only massage my back for just a minute or so because his "hand is cramping." It's really good that I love him in spite of this flaw:-)

Just a Meanderer said...

I own this ergonomic-looking wooden back scratcher I purchased years ago on Ocracoke Island (Outer Banks of North Carolina). I can't live without it. As said earlier, it must be a male thing.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I just stumbled across this when I typed "I love backscratches" into Google.

Me and my little brother would play single player video games together, taking turns, and whoever wasn't playing was scratching the other's back.

It was a great system, until we moved away from each other. Now I need a girlfriend who will oblige!

atonyclifton said...

wow! you took the words right out of my mouth. i too love having my back scratched rather than massaged any day of the week. it IS like a drug. my wife, unfortunately, doesn't share my enthusiasm for the back scratch. she really hates to scratch my back and i can't stand that. you'd think i was asking her to walk across hot coals. it seems like such a little thing to do for your man, but she sees it as an obnoxious chore. i can't understand, especially considering the lack of energy it takes for something you know your guy loves as much as air, how a gal wouldn't want to indulge him with it. i just don't get it. i'm so easy to please that way but she really makes me feel awful for even asking. ...and don't get me wrong, i'm not asking her to do it every 10 minutes. it doesn't matter how long goes in between back scratches. it could be, and has been, like 2 months time before i ask her again and she'll give me the same annoyed look or little moan just so i know how much she hates to do this. at first glance it seems like a little thing, and not that important, but if ya think about it, seriously, it really sends a message of "i don't love u enough to do this little thing u love sooooooo much" . that's why i get massages all the time. granted, it's not scratching but sometimes if ya ask them they'll do it for u. my wife doesn't love the amount of massages i get but i tell her i wouldn't have to go if she'd do it for me. after that she doesn't have a leg to stand on so she has to compromise. the remark you made in your article about seeing a girl scratch their guys back in a room and how it makes ya feel is spot on. i feel the same way. i literally start to get itchy, and in my case a little jealous. lastly, to all the selfish gals out there (and there are a lot of them) who hate doing this little task for their guy just know the message it sends. it really makes your guy feel unloved.

NETTY B said...

Hello,hello I am soo glad to know I am not by my self on this back scratching issue. I love my back being scratched. If relaxes me so much it really makes me feel good. I have 10 children and when they were all at home they all had to scratch my back. I had some of them scratch my legs (below the knees),arms head and back. (Never any personal parts). It was so funny some times because when they start out scratching it would be 6 scratching but end up 2 to 3 hours later with one waking me up saying "Mom am I finished"? Would you believe I had the nerve to say just scratch 5 more minutes for me. My Mother(deceased),Sisters and Brothers are the same way. When my Sisters and I visit each other we would say to each other scratch my back and head and i'll scratch yours and we would say sure. I believe we are PROFESSIONAL back scratchers.
Don't you just hate it when someone scratch your back with an attitude and they scratch it so fast and miss all the ITCHY spots and then say to you "i'm done". You just look at them and say ok. Then you probably pull out the old back scratcher or just finish scratching your back on the edge of a door or on a wall which make you look very weird. People don't understand how serious this back scratching thing is. I told my whole family that if I for some reason shall be in a coma please scratch my back for me. That might help me come out of the coma.
The reason I ended up here is because i'm in the process of inventing a real I mean real back scratcher. As I mentioned earlier I have 10 children and 9 of them is grown and have moved out. So I have one back scratcher left (smile) lol still at home and he's 14 but he'll be leaving home I guess in a few more years. So I had to come up with a plan for when he do leave. I was trying to see if there's a lot of people that has back itching issues. I see there's a whole lot of people that could truely benefit from my back scratching device. See it takes a person who truely understands this back ITCHING thing to invent a device that really works.To the guy who wife doesn't like to scratch his back for him I feel so sorry for you.My ex husband was the same way. He liked to massage my back that was nice and everything but honestly I preferred the scratching over the massage.When he did scratch my back it was like a newborn child was scratching it for me. I would tell him that's ok i'll do it my self. Then he would say to me your back can't be itching all the time like that. Only if he knew.
So just like my ex husband your wife just don't understand but me and a lot of other people do because we've been there and know how important it is to get your scratch on. Keep your ears and eyes open for my new back scratching device.
Take care and have a nice scratch day!!

Anonymous said...

I love to get massages. I'm also willing to give them to my best friends. Scratching is great when I know someone needs it. The best is when you're just standing behind your friend and they don't know it's coming. You just start to rub or scratch their back and watch as they just melt into it.

Anonymous said...

I have awful pain in my back and hip. I have a friend who gives me massages whenever I want. She is SO GOOD! I wiish she was here right now.

Anonymous said...

Scratching by a mile. My daughter is six and I am training her to be a back scratch giver and receiver lol.

Anonymous said...

Back scratches are theeeeeee best feeling. My husband does 'em once in a while, but doesn't care much for them himself. Me? I CRAVE them! Thankfully my son picks up on when I'm stressed and says, "Mom, want a back scratch?" As if I need to answer--LOL! BTW, a hairbrush makes an awesome scratcher--ahhhhhhhh!

ljcovington said...

I love my back scratched. My husband hates to scratch my back. I would be better off asking him to wash the dishes. I am glad that I am not the only one!

Brianna Storch said...

Yes, THANK you. Everyone can have their personal chefs, trainers, masseuses, but for me I will take a personal back scratcher! My husband will only scratch my back for like 5 minutes tops... the lazy bum.

Anonymous said...

I agree i love having my back scratched, I'm so lucky as my bestfriend does back scratching as a part time job it's amazing :)

Nic said...

Oh I love that I came upon this page and like-minded individuals who love some back-scratchin'! My husband hates scratching my back because he knows its always 5 more minutes, 5 more minutes. I sometimes get him talking about a topic he is really into, so that he can keep scratching while I "listen" - I know, I know that's terrible, but its the only way he will keep scratching! Lol. And when I try to give my son a soft scratch on his back, hubby says "NO! Don't turn him into a back scratch monster like you! I don't need two addicts in the hands will fall off!" Ahahaha! Reading these posts really gave me such a laugh...such a funny thing to connect with others about, but so true. And btw, I came upon this page because I was Googling to see if there is anyone out there that offers back scratching as a service. Yes, I love it that much!