Sunday, January 27, 2008

This RV is one big blurr

I was walking through Richardson Grove in the California redwood country. U.S. 101 was just to my right. My small digital camera was in my pocket. The day was cloudy and the giant redwood trees blocked most of the daylight. Even so, I decided I would try to get a photo of an RV going by. After only a minute of waiting, a big brown and gold motorcoach approached in the distance. So I got ready. Just as it passed, I snapped this photo. The lens stayed open a long time to grab enough light, turning the motorhome into one giant blurr. Still, I like the result.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck,

The California Redwoods are indeed part of "God's Country" (have you seen the tree that was cut down and was "alive" at the time of Christ?")
Keep heading South on Hwy 1 and enjoy the California Coast. (why do you want to go to Arizona when you can enjoy the California coast line? - come on Chuck)
If you are going to be heading south into Central California, email me with your cell phone number and I will direct you to some of the best spots along the Central Coast that my wife and I enjoy because they are not in RV camping books. No way will I post them on a Blog. They are small and we all want to keep them that way. (P.S. anyone else trying to send emails or phone numbers - forget it.

Jerry Shea

Anonymous said...

Ditto on California 1. Get off 101near Leggett, and follow CA 1 through Fort Bragg all the way down, to just North of the Golden Gate. It does have a lot of sharp curves and some pretty big hills. But it's breath-takingly beautiful seacoast. Mid-week, it's usually not too crowded.

San Fransisco is not too "RV-Friendly" either as far as traffic, or having many campgrounds. You're lucky to have your small rig, it will be easier for you.

Definitely keep going south along the coast, and also see the Big Sur Highway. This is consistently rated as one of the most scenic drives in the country. There are only a few small camprounds along it, and they are often full. You may want to start early in the day around Monterey, and be prepared to go all the way through to Cambria in one day; if you can't find anywhere to camp. Again, go mid-week if you can, weekends can get pretty crowded.

(Chris in NM)