Monday, June 29, 2015

Sheepherders Wagon sure looked like an RV!

This wooden wagon was built in 1937 on the chassis of a Model T Ford by Buford (Buck) Kinman of Riverside, Wash., to be used by sheepherders of the Warden Sheep Company. 
It was home to a sheepherder and his dog for about half the year. They would trail a herd of a couple of thousand sheep over mountain pastures from May to October. The sheepherder's only companion besides his dog was an occasional hiker or fisherman passing by. Every couple of weeks someone from the company would drop off supplies and something to read. This particular wagon was used until the early 1950s.

Although primitive compared to our modern recreation vehicles, it has most of the same amenities. You can see this at the Okanogan County Museum in Okanogan, Washington.

Fake women. But they sure look real!

I visited the Okanogan County Historical Museum in Okanogan, Washington today. I found the mannequins fascinating. They are remarkably lifelike! I wonder if they are based on real people? My guess is yes. If so, I wonder if the women who posed ever see their mannequins? 

Wouldn't it be strange to walk into a store or museum and see yourself, especially if years had passed and you had aged? Or what if the mannequin was your mother and maybe she had died. So there you would be, face to face with her when she was young and beautiful. Now that would be really strange. I bet it has happened. Has it ever happened to you? I know that's a long shot, but I'll ask anyway.

The museum itself is excellent if you like Pioneer Museums. It costs $2 to get in, which is a really good deal. Don't miss the Sheepherders Wagon. It looks like a primitive travel trailer. And don't miss the thumbnail collection of the late Freda M. Henserson. You will be amazed at how many special thumbnails are displayed — ones with photos of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Di, and other from World's Fairs and Olympic events. There's even a few displayed side by side that feature a Burma Shave slogan.

I may write more about the museum later because there are some excellent exhibits. But for now, here's a look at some of the interesting mannequins that model clothing from yesteryear.

My motorhome is tiny, but spacious, too

My current campsite
When I look at my motorhome from a distance it looks tiny. Yet when I step inside it seems spacious. 

I shake my head when I have this thought. How can it be both tiny and spacious at the same time? I don't know.

Sometimes when I am at home during a cold, windy and otherwise nasty storm, I may come upon a small, occupied RV while I am driving somewhere. This could be when I am passing by an RV park, for example. When this happens I sometimes feel sorry for the RVers inside, cooped up in such a tiny space during miserable weather.

YET I KNOW FULL WELL I should not feel sorry for them. When I am on the road and stuck in a similar storm inside my little RV, I will usually feel snug as a bug. My motorhome is warm and dry, and the sound of rain on the roof is actually soothing. If the sky should open up and rain should pound my roof, then I am even more content, as I know how lucky I am to be inside and dry and warm and comfy.

It was blazing hot yesterday here in Twisp — 108 degrees in the late afternoon. It was miserable. I only stepped outside a few times, each time the blast of hot air sent me retreating. But inside my little motorhome, my air conditioner kept me cool. That is where I spent most of the day. I wrote some, read, listened to music and studied maps about where to go next. I can easily spend an hour exploring maps, dreaming of what places and adventures lay ahead.

This morning, the sky is dark and it's raining. It's night and day from yesterday. It's still warm — 82 degrees now at 8:30 — but the rain and a slight breeze coming through my open window feels heavenly, more like the low 70s.

(I made a video a few years ago in which I talk about how my little motorhome is just right for me, even though it is on the small-size compared to many RVs these days. The video is here if you want to watch it).